Product Description Price Quantity
Default Title Liquorice Lovers Box

Our Liquorice Lovers Box is filled to the brim with all things liquorice - the perfect gift for lovers of liquorice:

The box contains:

1 x Liquorice Fudge Bar 130g

1 x Liquorice Toffee 100g

1 x Liquorice, Honey & Butter Toffee 100g

1 x Lime & Liquorice 100g

1 x Liquorice & Aniseed 100g

1 x Blackcurrant & Liquorice 100g

1 x Pontefract Cakes

1 x Liquorice Allsorts


Contents may vary

Default Title Great British Mints

An assortment of Classic British Mints filled to the brim in a large gift jar.

From the traditional Old English Mint to the classic 'soft centred' Humbug, for all mint lovers.

Jar weight = 1.5kg

Default Title 12 Jar Sweet Shop

The perfect gift – a huge shop window full of sweets.

Our Traditional Sweet Shop features a whole range of favourites, presented in a beautiful display box.

12 x 90g Jars.

Contents may vary.

Default Title Lancashire Mix

A jar filled to the brim with traditional sweets from Lancashire.

Whether these flavours bring back old fond memories, or you are looking for a taste of Great British sweets, then this  fantastic traditional sweet jar is just the gift you are looking for.

Mixture include: Pear Drops, Rhubarb & Custard, Rosie Apples, Cola Cubes, Pineapple Cubes and Strawberry & Cream.

Please note: Fill may vary.

 Jar weight = 1.9kg

Default Title Big British Mix Twin Pack

All your favourite sweets in TWO boxes!

This mix of hard boiled candies includes:

  • Rhubarb & Custard
  • Blackcurrant & Liquorice
  • Pear Drops
  • Sherbet Lemons
  • Cola Drops
  • Chocolate Limes

All with natural colours and flavours in two big British boxes

2 x 454g boxes.

Default Title 8 Jar Sweet Shop

A great traditional gift idea is our 8 jar Sweet Shop featuring a window full of classic sweet jars displayed in a Union Jack Flag presentation box

8 x 90g Jars

Contents may vary.


Default Title Chocolate Eclairs

For toffee and chocolate lovers our eclairs are a delicious gift presented in a traditional sweet jar.

A shell of caramel toffeee encases a centre of rich chocolate that forms one of our best selling products.

Jar weight = 1.2kg

Default Title Coltsfoot Rock

Coltsfoot Rock is a very special confectionery product created only by Stockleys Sweets.

In the last 90 years, Stockley's Sweets have taken the benefits of the Coltsfoot plant and created a confectionery product, which has garnered much popularity with its inherent benefits and its convenience of being a 'sweet'. This has helped the product appeal to children as well as adults for soothing their ailments.

Our traditional sweetshop jar is full to the brim with Coltsfoot rock and makes a unique and special gift.

Jar weight = 1.3kg