Coltsfoot Rock is a very special confectionery product created from Coltsfoot extract and the recipe is solely produced by Stockley's! Coltsfoot Rock is a paste dried hardened stick which is infused with Coltsfoot extract, a natural ingredient from a plant that has hoof-shaped leaves!

The history and popularity of the product comes from its medicinal benefits; originally the leaves of the Coltsfoot plant were dried, then smoked and it is reported to have relieved asthma, while its juices soothed coughs.

In the last 100 years, Stockley's Sweets have taken the benefits of the plant and created a confectionery product, which has garnered much popularity with its inherent benefits and its convenience of being a 'sweet'. This has helped the product appeal to children as well as adults for soothing their ailments.

Interesting Fact: While many companies sell this product and apply their label to its packaging, Stockley's Sweets is the only manufacturer of Coltsfoot Rock and therefore all Coltsfoot Rock that is consumed around the world is derived from our factory!

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