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Novelty Chocolate Lollipops

We deposit and decorate a variety of couvertures including milk, dark and white chocolate into specially designed moulds which are then cooled, decanted and packed into bespoke formats to meet customers’ specific requirements.  

Bespoke Chocolate Moulding

We can create spectacular bespoke chocolate products ideal for the gifting market by depositing a variety of chocolates in multiple combinations into pre-formed vacuum moulded trays which can be decorated with an array of toppings to add taste, texture and visual excitement.


Using traditional confectionery panning techniques, we coat a wide variety of centres such as dried/freeze dried fruits, tree nuts (not peanuts), honeycomb, fudges, cereal and coffee beans. Our process enables us to coat products with various couvertures or with barrier coatings, depending on your needs. Our skilled operators have developed a wide range of different finishes to produce a whole array of visually & texturally exciting products.

High Boil

We make all of our high boiled sweets using traditional techniques and have created a huge range of recipes over the years combining different flavours, colours, patterns, textures and shapes.

Toffees, Chews & Fudges

We produce toffees, chews and fudges using traditional techniques that we have fine-tuned over the years, enabling us to develop a portfolio of different flavours and textures to meet our customers’ requirements. We individually cut and wrap our toffees and chews, whilst our fudges are supplied in unwrapped formats either table cut, hand broken or machine-diced.


We produce light and crunchy honeycomb which we process into a range of different size profiles from powder through to single consumption (retail pack). We are also able to coat our honeycomb with either barrier coatings (ideal for use in ice-cream) or chocolate.