We proudly manufacture and process all of our products in our own factories, both of which are BRC Grade A and retailer approved.



Our Stockley’s factory is based in the heart of Lancashire and has been the home of our great tasting, high quality traditional sugar confectionery for 100 years. We make all kinds of sweet treats from pear drops and lemon sherbets through to luxury fudges and honeycombs.


Our Chocley’s factory in Hull is where we proudly manufacture high quality chocolate based confectionery products ranging from novelty moulded chocolate lollipops through to exquisitely finished premium chocolate coated fruits, nuts and confectionery centres, using carefully selected ingredients from all over the world to create a huge variety of products for our ever-growing customer base.



Stockley’s is renowned and trusted for its quality confectionery, guaranteed to elicit nostalgic fond memories of all your favourite sweet treats. 2018 sees the 100 year anniversary of Stockley’s Sweets and so we have marked the occasion with a full redesign of our bulk and retail ranges, using the original Stockley’s logo from when the company first started to produce confectionery.

Did you know: Stockley’s Sweets are the sole manufacturer of Coltsfoot Rock worldwide; whilst many companies sell this product and apply their label to its packaging, all of the production takes place in our factory in Blackburn! Click here to find out more!

Both ranges include sugar and sugar free confectionery and, this year, we have added our first chocolate lines to the range with the addition of 2 fantastic seasonal novelty lolllipop lines.