As the first world war ended, Malcolm Stockley returned to his native Accrington to recommence the craft he had pursued as a younger man - the art of toffee making.

It was from these humble beginnings in a shed in High Street, Rileys Hill that the name of Stockley's first became recognised as quality sweet manufacturers...that quality tradition continues today.

The name of Stockley's was first seen in many different places, from market stalls in Lancashire to retail stands at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and from England to America, where Stockley's proudly exhibited their goods at the World Exhibition in San Francisco in 1939.

The name Stockley's is synonymous with such wonderful names as Winter Nips, Herbal Candy, Honeycomb (Cinder Toffee), Bronchial Lozenges, Sarsaparilla Sticks, Pear Drops, Barley Sugar, Fudges, Caramels and their world famous Coltsfoot Rock.